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Here will try to post the weekly newsletter that our head coach sends out. For now, I have to post these manually but moving forward I hope to automate the process so they will come out more regularly.


Greeting Stars 


We are NOT having Classes on TONIGHT  and SATURDAY.  The temperature will be too cold, we might shoot next week if it warm’s up a little. Weather calls for mid 20’s tonight  and upper 30’s Saturday No chance of rain. 
Everyone KEEP looking for a venue to shoot indoor. (Rent or buy)
Coming up in March is the state FITA indoor Mar 25-26 in Emporia
ALL Club members: Our club is STILL Very Very much needing a new INDOOR Venue for our Thursday and Saturday indoor class. If anyone knows of an affordable indoor place 30′ x 80′ Minimum or 56′ x 100′ would be great with a place to store our equipment. If anyone has any ideas let me know. IF we find a NEW venue I’m looking at starting a Beginner class, an Advanced class and also a Competitive advanced class  either indoor or outdoor or both if possible.
Our club now has a website work in progress by Coach Keith: check it out Wichitashootingstars.com

Coach David  316 619-7762

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